Google Android G2 coming soon?

Just 3 months after the release of T Mobile’s G1, the first Android phone, there are already reports that there is another phone – the Android G2 in the making. There are reports all over the web that the new Android G2 will be launched on 26th Jan 2009 and will sport a whole set […]

Hyperinflation in Zimbabve

Most of us probably know about it already, but now it has reached such levels – about 200 million percent, that using Zimbabve Dollar notes is now more cost effective than using toilet paper to clean one’s ermm.. behind. Using the official currency as toilet paper has become so common in Zimbabve, that a hotel […]

Using the Game Theory to find MCQ answers

Just read this amazing post at the Freakonomics blog: Suppose you get a question and have to select an answer with multiple choices to choose from, you can find out the right answer logically using the game theory using the Game Theory. Without even knowing the question. And the reason I am posting this here, […]

Sign Unsigned Symbian Apps

This method is now outdated. Go to – How to Sign Symbian Applications and Games for the updated method. – This tutorial will show you how to SIGN your Unsigned Symbian (OS v9) Apps. There are many methods to Sign your Symbian Apps, but none as simple as this one: 1. OpenSigned This is the official […]

Free Airtel GPRS tricks

Most of the Free Tricks for Airtel GPRS have been blocked by Airtel, with the very popular Free Mobile Office low balance trick being blocked just yesterday. There are only a few working tricks now to bypass Airtel’s restrictions and use GPRS – MO / NOP / Airtel Live for free. Free Net on Phone […]