Of Dead-End Jobs and Millionaire-Making Apps

So true. via Dilbert

Using Game Theory to Attract the Hottest Chicks on Online Dating Sites

Using Game Theory to Attract the Hottest Girls on Online Dating Sites As anything I add to this will probably decrease the awesomeness quotient of it, here it is. Unedited. “A few months ago two friends and I decided to do something interesting. We live in a relatively small town. Not tiny, but small. On […]

The Psychology of a Market Cycle

Just came across this very interesting infographic. A Cheat Sheet to the Psychology of Market Cycles Source

Super Mario Bros Crossover

Super Mario Bros Crossover Best. Game. Ever. #awesome #win

The Best Geek Webcomics

A list of the best geek webcomics I’ve come across on ze interwebs. Some of them aren’t exactly geeky, but fun nevertheless. 1. XKCD 2. Dilbert 3. Joy of Tech 4. Geek and Poke 5. Geek Hero 6. Oatmeal 7. Doghouse Diaries 8. Ctrl + Alt + Del 9. Abstruse Goose 10. Cyanide and Happiness […]