Money as an Instrument of Change

I’ve been out of action since my last post here which was way back in 2014. There have been a lot of reasons for that which I won’t bore you with. I’m back now and will try to be more regular. I have also accumulated a lot more gyaan (and some white hair) in the […]

2014: The Year That Was

Keeping in line with my yearly tradition (2013 and 2012), here’s my annual review of my life – where I look back on what happened, what changed and reflect on my life. I’m about a month late, but better late than never. 2014 was the 26th year of my life, and it’s probably been the […]

2013: The Year That Was

2013: The Year That Was

2012: The Year That Was

2012: The year that was. Year in review. Life.

On Growth Hacking

Growth hacking, yo.