Google Android G2 coming soon?

Just 3 months after the release of T Mobile’s G1, the first Android phone, there are already reports that there is another phone – the Android G2 in the making.

There are reports all over the web that the new Android G2 will be launched on 26th Jan 2009 and will sport a whole set of new features. – (Source: CellPhone Signal)

The new Android is more iPhone-esque – a Full Touch Device with no QWERTY keypad, a Trackball, a 5 MP cam. Most probably it won’t even be a T Mobile exclusive. With all that power under its hood and the improvements listed in the Android Cupcake, it is sure to kick some iPhone and Touch HD a$$. :D

The guys at Boy Genius confirm most of that information but say that it should release only by April 2009. I sure hope that it does release ASAP, more delay would only mean more confusion regarding my next gadget buy. :|

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