How to Install Android OS on EEE PC

How to Install Android OS on your PC / Netbook / Laptop?

This tutorial will show you how to install Android 2.0 Eclair on your Asus EEE PC. It also works with most other netbooks.

Download the Android X86 port from

-> Android-X86 Download Link


How to Install Android OS on your EEE PC?

After downloading the bootable android-x86 ISO, burn it to your USB drive using Win32DiskImager –  or UNetBootIn

Insert the USB drive in your netbook, set it to boot from USB drive from the BIOS options and then restart your netbook.

The installation process should start soon. You can use it as a Live USB to run Android without installing it or install Android to your harddisk.

If you choose to install it, select a partition to install it to and then format it using the EXT3 format. Choose to install the GRUB boot loader.

After the installation is complete, you can reboot your EEE PC to run the installed Android OS.

The OS is very responsive and works perfectly well, atleast with the EEE PC. Everything just works out of the box – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Display, Mouse, Keyboard etc.

It can be used as a backup OS or just to show off a bit. It also has a makeshift version of the Android Market with a few apps compatible with the X86 platform.

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