How To Mod Sony PSP 3000 – ChickHEN + CFWEnabler

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How To Mod Sony PSP 3000 – ChickHEN + CFWEnabler

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This tutorial will show you How to software mod your PSP 3000 or 2000 (with the TA 088V3 chip) using the ChickHEN hack. Using the ChickHEN hack, you can Install CFW (Custom Firmware) on your PSP 3000 and run homebrew applications and games on your PSP. You can also run game UMD ISOs directly from your memory card. ChickHEN is a homebrew enabler hack which lets you install CFW on your PSP 3000.

The whole modding process can be done in two steps.

1. Install the ChickHEN hack

2. Install 5.03 GEN-A FW OR Install CFW Enabler

Note: This method works only with PSPs having the TA 088V3 board and having FW version 5.03 or lower.

How To Install OFW 5.03

To install ChickHEN, you must have OFW 5.03 installed.

If you have a lower version, just Download OFW 5.03.

Connect the PSP to your computer and put the PBP file in \PSP\GAME\UPDATE\EBOOT.PBP

Install the firmware from your PSP.

To check your Firmware version, go to Settings > System Settings > System Information.

How To Install ChickHEN R2

Download ChickHEN R2 –  ChickHEN R2 – 1 / ChickHEN R2 – 2

Go to the Settings on your PSP XMB and restore to default settings.

Turn off UMD Auto Start and UMD Cache

Connect your PSP to your PC

Extract all the files from the ChickHEN R2 RAR archive you downloaded.

Copy h.bin to the root directory of the memory card.

Copy the ChickHEN folder in SLIM to X:\PSP\PHOTO

Now restart your PSP

Go to XMB > Photo > Memory Stick and wait for the Options menu to appear. Press X to open the ChickHEN folder.

You should see flashing colors and your PSP will reboot into ChickHEN. Check your Firmware version, it should be 5.03 ChickHEN R2.

If it doesn’t work, just read the instructions and try it again.

Next, you can choose to install either PSP CFW 5.03 GEN-A or install CFW Enabler.

I personally prefer installing CFW Enabler 3.01 as it is easier and cleaner than installing CFW 5.03 GEN-A.

How To Install CFW Enabler

Download CFW Enabler 3.01.

Download CFWEnabler 3.5 –  1 / CFW Enabler 3.5 – 2

You should have ChickHEN installed – your Firmware version should be 5.03 ChickHEN R2.

Extract the files in CFWEnabler350.ZIP

Copy the CFWEnabler folder to X:\PSP\GAME

Disconnect the PSP from PC and restart the PSP.

Go to XMB > Game > Memory Stick > CFW Enabler.

After CFW Enabler boots up, select Install and your PSP will reboot.

Your firmware version should be 5.00 M33-6 now. Your PSP is now modded. Game on!

Statutory Warning: I’m not responsible if you brick your PSP following these steps. Proceed at your own risk. 😛

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