How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab, here’s some good news for you – you can now install Ubuntu on your Galaxy Tab. This tutorial will explain how you can install Ubuntu Linux on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

What you need:

1. Busybox
2. Superuser
3. Android SDK
4. AndroidVNC
5. Terminal Emulator

Download Ubuntu for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Alternate Scripts for Ubuntu (If the default ones don’t work)

Steps to Install Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab

1. Download the Ubuntu for Galaxy Tab ZIP and extract it on your computer. Copy all the files inside like bootlinux, fsrw, mountonly, ubuntu.img, and unionfs to a folder on your SD card named Ubuntu.

2. Open the command prompt, CD to “C:\SDK\tools” where C:\SDK is the folder where the SDK is installed.

Type these commands

adb shell
sh ./

3. After this, just run this command.


If you get the root@localhost prompt, you have installed Ubuntu on your Galaxy Tab.

4. Now, if you have AndroidVNC set up, type these commands

rm -rf /tmp/.X*
export USER=root
vncserver -geometry 1280×800

5. In Android VNC, your login details will be Nickname: "root" Password: "ubuntu" Address: "localhost" Port: "5901" Your Samsung Galaxy Tab should now be running Ubuntu Linux. Congratulations. Now, to run Ubuntu again, you don't need to install it every time. Just open the Terminal Emulator on your Galaxy Tab. Type these commands again to start Ubuntu. su bootlinux rm -rf /tmp/.X* export USER=root vncserver -geometry 1280x800 Start VNC and enter your login details. Source: XDA

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