MTNL Mumbai Triband Unlimited Plans

MTNL Mumbai has finally revised the Triband rates.

New MTNL Triband Unlimited Plans:

Triband 256 KBPS Unlimited – Rs. 999
Triband 512 KBPS Unlimited – Rs. 1599
Triband 1 MBPS Unlimited – Rs. 3999
Triband 2 MBPS Unlimited – Rs. 9999

While it still isn’t as cheap as MTNL Delhi, it is a good start.

I will be shifting on to the 256K UL plan soon, my current 849 NU plan has almost transformed me into a complete insomniac. And most of the times, the net conks off at nights when I plan to download stuff to sate my movie hunger. Finally, a good start to 2009.


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