How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S 2

Complete Guide: How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S 2

Update: The Gingerbreak tool won’t work with the Samsung Galaxy S 2. Try this tutorial to root your Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S 2 – XDA

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is definitely the best smartphone yet. If you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 2 soon, you might want to root it too, and also try custom ROMs once you are bored of the bundled one.

Gingerbreak was a one-click rooting tool which could be used to root many Android devices running Gingerbread. Apparently, it seems to work with the Galaxy S 2 as well.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S 2

Download the Gingerbreak APK

Download Gingerbreak APK

Open your phone’s settings and enable USB Debugging mode (Settings > Applications > Development > Enable USB Debugging).

Copy the Gingerbreak APK to the SD card of your Galaxy S 2 and install it on your phone using Astro File Manager or Apps Installer.

Run the Gingerbreak app and follow the instructions.

Your Samsung Galaxy S 2 should now be rooted.

Note: This method is a bit risky, and very premature. Wait for some time, for a better alternative. I will update this post soon.

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