Best Startup Movies

Best Movies on Startups and Entrepreneurship There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s life, when he needs some inspiration to keep moving forward. What’s more inspiring than a movie about a startup, about startup life and the harsh realities, as well as the joys of being an entrepreneur? In this post, I will try to […]

Best Android Phones in India

Of all the awesome Android phones available worldwide, there are only a select few which you can find in India. In this post, I will tell you about the best Android phone you can find in India – both in the budget category and in the high end segment. EDIT: For Rs. 15000, the best […]

Best Startup Blogs

Top 10 Blogs and Websites for Startups and Entrepreneurship Advice Here’s a list of the best blogs and websites I’ve come across which focus on startups and entrepreneurship. Most of these blogs have really informative articles which provide excellent advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own company. BTW, also check out this […]

The Best Geek Webcomics

A list of the best geek webcomics I’ve come across on ze interwebs. Some of them aren’t exactly geeky, but fun nevertheless. 1. XKCD 2. Dilbert 3. Joy of Tech 4. Geek and Poke 5. Geek Hero 6. Oatmeal 7. Doghouse Diaries 8. Ctrl + Alt + Del 9. Abstruse Goose 10. Cyanide and Happiness […]

The Best Con Movies Ever

Here’s a list of the Top / Best / Must-Watch Con / Heist Movies I’ve come across. I haven’t seen some of them, but have heard a lot about them and plan to watch them soon. Not all of them can be exactly categorized as con movies, but most of them come close. Top 10 […]