Entrepreneurs and Nontrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and Nontrepreneurs There are two kinds of people – entrepreneurs and nontrepreneurs. I’m currently a nontrepreneur, aspiring to be an entrepreneur. And here’s an awesome post by Chris Dixon on the subject. There are two kinds of people in the world You’ve either started a company or you haven’t. ”Started” doesn’t mean joining as […]

Best Paul Graham Essays

Best Essays on Startups and Entrepreneurship by Paul Graham Paul Graham is probably one of the best writers in the world. All the essays he has written over the years are excellent, and should be read by every aspiring entrepreneur, but these are the ones which I think are the top essays / best articles […]

A Message to Graduating Students

A Message to Graduating Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs This is the transcript of a talk given by Brad Feld, an entrepreneur and angel investor, to a class of graduating MBAs. So awesome, that I had to post it. Imagine that you are 45 and are looking back on your last 15-20 years. Is your work, […]

The Characters of Silicon Valley

The Characters of Silicon Valley People you will often encounter in the startup world, especially in Silicon Valley. Here is a list of the best ones. Startup Founder: You have done one of the following things: – Raised capital (including joined an incubator) – Generated revenue – Registered a business entity for that specific project […]

Best Startup Movies

Best Movies on Startups and Entrepreneurship There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s life, when he needs some inspiration to keep moving forward. What’s more inspiring than a movie about a startup, about startup life and the harsh realities, as well as the joys of being an entrepreneur? In this post, I will try to […]