Why I Quit My Job, Dropped My MBA Plans and Joined a Startup!

Why I Quit My Job, Dropped My MBA Plans and Joined a Startup!

Recently, I resigned from my very comfortable job at a leading investment bank (no, not as an investment banker, but as an application developer :|) to pursue an MBA program at one of the best B-schools in India. Just as I was completing the formalities and preparing to leave for 2 years, to complete my MBA, I got a job offer from a startup I had known about for quite some time.

This particular startup offered me a job profile which was exactly what I was looking for, and allowed me to do and learn more about almost everything I have been interested in. Naturally, I jumped on and joined it. It is definitely a bit risky, as I will probably be the first one to be sacked if something goes wrong, and we don’t manage to get our Series B, but what the heck, I’m young, and this is probably the best time to try out something like this.

Besides, the team is truly awesome, and if everything goes well, I may not need to do an MBA at all, which I consider a waste of time anyways. In the meantime, I’m still working on some of my own startup ideas, and I would rather spend the amount I would have paid as fees for the MBA program on building out my own company.

And finally, the number one (and probably silly) reason why I did it is this. Because, seriously, a million dollars isn’t that cool. It’s just fuck-you money. And the best (probably the only) way to get to a billion is by starting up. Well, that, and a newfound epiphany that I will probably never function well as an employee. I need to have a lucrative stake in whatever I’m working on; I just cannot work for a fixed salary. I need to be my own boss. I want to be my own boss.

And also because the two people I really believe in – Paul Graham and Peter Thiel – would have done the same. Well, they already have.

If everything works out, I will probably be hanging out on my own private island, sipping beer, before I turn 30. If it doesn’t, I will just lose an year. Or two. Or some more working on some other idea. If nothing works, then another two, doing an MBA. And then many in a cubicle, working for The Man. Screw that. I’m willing to take my chances. All or nothing!

PS: I may seem irrational, and probably a nutjob who thinks he is the next Zuck. But I’m excited, and maybe a bit high. And it’s definitely worth a shot.

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